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Working on visually presenting the results

I have been busy writing my thesis so no posts for a while. Interspersed with writing I have been finding ways to present the data. There are many ways to visualize the differential expression such as heatmaps and volcano plots. Both do-able in R, but I am now looking into some python modules that look promising.

Anyway here are volcano plots (using R) from DE expression between 0 and 48 hours post inoculation  (A) susceptible and (B) resistant plants. Each dot represents a transcript. Red =  FDR <0.01, Green = FDR<0.01 and l log2 fold change >4 , Yellow and labelled a-j= FDR< 1.00E-07 and log2 fold change >4 . Gene homologues labelled are; a = zinc finger protein, b,d = carboxylesterase 12, c = Puccinia psidii ITS, e = zinc finger CCCH domain-containing protein,  f= myosin heavy chain kinase, uncharacterized, g = metalloendoproteinase, h= strigolactone esterase.